Raindrops on roses…

Today was my last day at NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) where I have worked for the past 25 years. A day of emotional but happy farewells.

Below is a little song to reflect my DPI career – with apologies to The Sound of Music!

10 thoughts on “Raindrops on roses…

  1. Lisa and Les Thomas June 18, 2018 — 12:55 am

    Love you creative talent and more so your zest for life.
    Your energy and genuine compassion for your ‘ex’ day job will be well remembered and leave a big void to fill.
    May the adventures begin !!
    Lisa xxx

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  2. ….. and so do so gorgeous Sonia and Gord xxxxx
    I’m so happy to be a small part of that DPI thing xxxxx

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  3. Mary Givney-Clark June 16, 2018 — 5:37 am

    Go girl! You did tell me once everyone can sing… What a lovely alternative to a speech. Your DPI colleagues won’t forget you. Thanks for sharing. Now just to encourage Gordon’s talent & you two can be an act. Bollywood here you come!

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  4. Onwards and upwards. Can’t wait to see what the next stage of life’s adventure delivers for you. Happy trails, Melx

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  5. Am getting you a role in a musical in the West end :-)……
    So proud of you xx

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    1. Thanks Anita… not sure it will be my next career move! Sxx


  6. Loved this so much Sonia. New adventures to sing about soon!! Thanks for your integral leadership and fabulous support all these years xx

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    1. You have always been a trail blazer Rebel – hope you continue to flourish! Sx


  7. You are so fabulous Sonia Muir!


    1. Just a little creative fun!!!

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