Popping the celebratory bubbles

Our house sale has settled.


Kellie, Ruben and Isabel are now the new owner of our East Orange home that we have loved for the past 20 years. I hope they will find the neighbourhood as fabulous as we have.

Our next project is where do we go.

There are so many options we are feeling quite overwhelmed so have not made a decision yet… and enjoying some downtime so keep tuning in!

Thanks to Lisa and Les for the bottle of Moët which I shared with my friend Lesley last night… a lovely celebration.

Chilling out at the coast… has been lovely… especially as it isn’t chilly!1D7A44AE-2DAC-4BEA-B410-B89D36B2E4DD

7 thoughts on “Popping the celebratory bubbles

  1. Such a lovely photo! Looking forward to the next update…..


  2. Kellie and Ruben June 23, 2018 — 9:30 am

    We had a bottle of Moet also… We hope to fill your very large shoes. You will certainly be missed around here 🙂


  3. lovely photo of you both.


  4. Fantastic news !

    Enjoy your down time…..am loving mine:-) x


  5. You both look so happy xx


  6. Foot loose and fancy free!! Have a blast! Melx


  7. ❤️


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