What is a weekend?

The English actress Maggie Smith asked this very question in an early episode of the  Downtown Abbey TV series. At the time I thought it was most amusing. Staying with my Mum in the beach village of Kingscliff on the far north coast of New South Wales, the days of the week have become a blur… so Maggie’s one liner is really starting to resonate and I am losing all concept of days and time.

We have been slowly working through our volunteer options and although not completely confirmed, it looks like we will most likely be heading to Myanmar (Burma) in November.

(More soon on what we’ll be doing and where we’ll be located once we have the green light from AVI who manage the Australian Government Volunteer program.)

So far the volunteering application marathon has included Gordon and I completing  role applications,  having phone interviews, doing online psychological tests,  getting international criminal clearances and providing personal and professional referees who can also comment on our suitability. There is a lot involved so it has not all been lying around basking in the sun I can assure you.

Saying that one could get used to this ‘everyday is a weekend’ lifestyle as we continue to indulge in U3A yoga classes, walks along the esplanade, country drives, picnics beside the beach, lunches, dinners and afternoon teas with family and friends interspersed with lots of reading, the odd game of scrabble and people watching at the many cafes.

From August and September we have decided to visit Scotland and Europe to see Gordon’s family and do a little touring before leaving for Asia.

6 thoughts on “What is a weekend?

  1. This lifestyle is obviously suiting you both! When do you fly out to the UK? Melx


    1. Tuesday 7 August yay!


    2. Exciting! You are a day behind me!


  2. Will you get to include Maitland, Newcastle and Sydney on a farewell tour before November??


    1. Not sure Jann…taking Mum to Tasmania in October for a two week tour before we go.


  3. Welcome to my world…..it’s so nice to be able to do what and when rather than being time bound…..enjoy it for now…
    Looking forward to seeing team Muir in London or somewhere soon xx


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