Lunch with Myanmar ‘Host Blokes’

We’ve hit the ground running in Melbourne for our pre-departure briefing after an early 5.30am start.

Just grabbed a sidewalk lunch with Trevor, John, Richard and Chris – members of the Board of our Host Organisaton (Myanmar Youth Development Institute).

These guys are soooooo humble and sooooooo dedicated to making a difference to those living in one of the poorest country in Asia.


Don’t believe all the media hype about Myanmar and start thinking about planning a visit. They really need the tourist dollar to boost their economy.

Anyway enough ranting, these guy’s have set up the Sanon training restaurant where we’ll be volunteering. It is run as social enterprise (ALL profit are pumped back into the project).

the Sanon project is changing the lives of so many disadvantaged young Burmese and their families.

25 ‘trainees’ have recently graduated from their 18 month hospitality/English course and already have employment! This is their ticket out of poverty and the ripple effect for their families and communities amplifies the impact of this fantastic program.

We are feeling so privileged to be about to join on their philanthropic ‘train’ through Australian Volunteers International.

12 thoughts on “Lunch with Myanmar ‘Host Blokes’

  1. Sounds amazing Sonia and Gordon. Well def be planning a trip to visit xx

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    1. I certainly hope so!


  2. Can’t wait to hear of all your experiences. A true adventure ahead! Melx

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    1. Thanks Mel … date of our departure seems so slow!

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  3. Sonia and Gordon I am so happy for you both. You are both very humble and beautiful people as well. Sounds like a wonderful Team. You will really make a difference.
    Good luck to you both and safe travels. Love Marie xx

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    1. Thanks Marie… gordon is itching to get there and started!


  4. Well done Sonia and Gordon – great adventure for you. As the song goes: from small things big things grow…….
    Enjoy planting your seeds to blossom. Love Sally

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  5. What a fantastic start……am planning my trip for sure ! Xx


  6. Veronica Pansaru October 2, 2018 — 8:15 am

    Will take on board positive info…and endeavour to “re think” my Myanmar fears!!!!

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