Workshopping at pre-departure briefings

img_8142There was huge overview of topics relevant to volunteering overseas.

Best part was meeting the others going… all over the Pacific, Asia and Africa… and also catching up with our Tongan buddy Leo who now works for Australian Volunteers International (AVI).

Getting a briefing on the 24hour SOS service was also most reassuring as I don’t think Bagan has very much health infrastructure… so the moral to this story is stay well!

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5 thoughts on “Workshopping at pre-departure briefings

  1. Ever closer my friends. Wash your hands ……….. lots. Enjoy your wide-eyed wonder and bathe in the benefit your skills and knowledge can take to people who are so eager to learn. Then wash your hands again and don’t ever suck your thumb. Love.

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    1. Good advice Vaughan!!!


  2. Absolutely. You’ll b so busy and well organised there’s no time to b sick 👍👍👍

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  3. Oh Kotoni you look so happy! I am still enjoying my Irish CD whenever I travel. Andrew Kennedy and I were saying recently how clever you were choosing your gift CD for everyone – you hit the spot with everyone. I will always treasure mine.
    Good luck – very exciting for you Sonia – what an adventure for you Sonia!
    Best wishes
    Marie xx

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    1. Glad you are enjoying the music… and also have some time with Andrew… you two would be a wonderful pair and a great addition to any group/table/meeting/cafe… I could go on! Kotoni is itching to be gone!


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