Yangon touchdown

What a delightful feeling to be finally flying into Myanmar…

Coming in to land at Yangon

The sun is shining.

It isn’t too hot.

We’ve had a few hours rest in the Singapore Changi Aerotel.

Flights were great.

Our bags arrived safely after being booked through all the way from Coolangatta.

We were met at the airport by our smiling local contact – Yin.

The Winner Inn hotel room is simple yet comfy.

The hotel staff are super friendly.

We are now off to find an ATM and explore our neighbourhood.

Everything feels right!

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14 thoughts on “Yangon touchdown

  1. Katrina Sweetapple November 25, 2018 — 10:43 pm

    Wow – sounds fantastic – I must get out my pics of Myanmar to jog my memory of the amazing country. Will you be based in Bagan?


    1. Yes we will be in Bagan. When were you here. First day has been great…


  2. Great to hear you’ve arrived and everything has gone smoothly. Looking forward to hearing about your work and adventures Xxxx


  3. Delighted travel plans went well and you both arrived safely…….let the exploring begin xx


  4. Wonderful! How exciting for you both. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all – you both chose the former. How wonderful is it that you are fortunate to do experience this wonderful adventure together.
    Good luck.
    Much love
    Marie xxxx
    PS Saw Andrew K last week – we both had a hug for you both.

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    1. Glad Andrew delivered my hug!!!!


  5. I believe there are some beautiful butterflies in Myanmar. None moreso than the excited species within you.

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  6. Enjoy exploring and tasting delicious food. Keep up the blog!!

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  7. Mary Givney-Clark November 25, 2018 — 5:54 am

    Hey Sonia & Gordon, great to hear from you so soon. Yangon countryside looks very green & township more modern than what I imagined. Did you travel with other volunteers or meeting up with others there? Go, explore & report back. xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes three other volunteers arrived with us today…

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  8. Looks a bit like Lismore but with Rice paddies in the backyard!

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  9. Wally and Deborah Martyr November 25, 2018 — 5:35 am

    So happy to hear you’ve arrived safely AND your luggage 👏😉!! Good luck for your new adventure and wishing you happy times ahead 😊Xxx lots of love

    Liked by 1 person

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