First culinary impressions

Sharky’s restaurant was our first food venture in Yangon…. very yummy with a colonial feel. It is a diverse foodie city if you know where to look. Luckily we had another volunteer take us here.

Gelato for dinner

Chicken pie
Green watermelon salad with seeds in an edible bowl
Pork and potatoes
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11 thoughts on “First culinary impressions

  1. Am very pleased the country appeared to have welcomed Sonia and Gordon – that is what i like to hear…

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  2. It looks like you are definitely NOT going to go hungry over there! Too many tempting things to choose from. Mel

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  3. Goodness
    You two will have to hire your own private jet to come home on if this keeps up for 18 months.
    Glad you have arrived safely.
    My favourite comment was
    ‘ It feels right ‘
    You can’t ask for more than that.

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    1. I know! Will have to ramp up the walking!!!


  4. Mary Givney-Clark November 26, 2018 — 10:37 am

    Sharky’s..a good Shire namesake! Love the Hollywood placemats too. Food looks aromatic..any mostly GF? Enjoy

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    1. Yep… GF vegan… all here!


  5. Looks fabulous xx

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  6. The food looks yummo. Look forward to seeing haggis and lamingtons on the menus of Bagan!

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    1. Lots of veggie options too


  7. Yummo. A great start

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