Looking for longyi

You will see men and women wearing longyi (lon -gee) everywhere in Myanmar.

I had to have one… or maybe five.

So off we went to the massive Bogyoke Market for a bit of shopping.

This was also an opportunity to practice some basic Myanmar language. Luckily the helpful vendors’ English was soooooo superior to our rudimentary Burmese.

I am hoping dressing in a longyi may help me to assimilate faster… perhaps wearing one will also make me a little more elegant like the local women. We shall see.

Ready now for my first week on the job.

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6 thoughts on “Looking for longyi

  1. This comes as no surprise to me lest of all that you should choose a red one! 😂looking awesome🤩

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  2. Mary Givney-Clark December 10, 2018 — 7:19 am

    All the best for the start of work Sonia! Will Gordon be the teacher’s aide? Hey, is that you buying new clothing? The longyi garment looks very versatile..like a sarong? or no? can’t wait to see Gordon in one too, like a kilt? or no? Have a happy week. Last week of teaching here. HSC results out on Thursday. Parent Interviews & PD sessions next week. Last day of school Dec 20th!

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    1. We are going to be a tag team to start! They struggle a bit with different accents. Longyi is more like a wrap around skirt. Men’s more like a sarong. Yes Gord has one. Enjoy last couple of weeks to Chrissy and your birthday! Sx


  3. What beautiful colours……you will look fabulous in one!

    Wishing you lots of luck for your first week in your new role.

    They are going to love you both


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  4. Elegant. You’ll carry that so well. Fabulous colors suit your artist’s heart.

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  5. Good luck and have a wonderful week one! Melx

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