Last day/night in Yangon

The briefings are over so time for a last hit of cafe culture and bustling street life before embracing a quieter life in Bagan.

Yangon has so much to offer on the food scene if you venture out of the hotels armed with some local recommendations.

It is a big city but taxis are plentiful and cheap. This means you can zip here and there quite easily as long as you take into account time stuck in traffic which can be unpredictable.

Having the ‘grab’ taxi app on your phone also made life simpler you may need to help the taxi driver find your destination!

We stumbled upon this lovely social enterprise handicraft emporium Hla Day that supports Mynamar artisans.

I also took a little me-time to revamp those toes as a little bit of last minute indulgence.

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5 thoughts on “Last day/night in Yangon

  1. Did you decline on a haircut ? 🙂 xx

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    1. Yes… once bitten…


  2. How far away, and where, is Bagan in comparison to Yangoon? North, South, East or West? Ta, Mel

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    1. 1hour 15 by plane, 22 hours by train, 10 hours by bus! It is north of Yangon…down river from Mandalay.


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