Sunday afternoon antics

Our second Sunday afternoon in Nyaung U was spent with me sitting in the Sanon restaurant getting my head around the week ahead and Gordon teaching a shortbread cooking class to staff and students.

I know who was having the more fun!

A week ago we arrived and ended up at a sunset sandbank expatriate’s birthday party in the middle of the Irrawaddy… as you do!!

We are going with the flow and saying “yes” to everything.

Once the tourist season ends I think we will all be hibernating.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon antics

  1. WOW! The party has definitely started! And the shortbread just in time for Christmas! I hope it was a family recipe from way back!? Melx

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  2. Well, you didn’t take long to settle in!

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  3. You’re amazing and inspiring and I hope you both are loving it all. I adore reading your posts and live vicariously most times.
    Keep having fun you wild young things xxxx

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    1. Thanks! Appreciate everyone’s support!


  4. Doesn’t look ‘AS IF’ you are on the same planet as your mothers!!!

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