Mozzie win

We have some unwelcome and uninvited guests in our house.

Even though we have screens and profusely spray the bedroom each night these annoying little beasts seem to have taking a liking to new succulent Scottish blood.

Tonight we had a mosquito net ‘workshop’ and Gordon finally had a blissful night sleep.

Those Boy Scout knot-tying skills have come in handy yet again.

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7 thoughts on “Mozzie win

  1. The terrible things you have to endure to live in a jumper free environment!!
    Those sheets look like they have been ironed, Gordon do you have too much time on your hands ?????

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  2. Oh I sympathise…..they love me too !

    When I was in Chile I had the spirally arm bands on my hands and feet……and then a bloody wasp got caught in the spiral and stung me…..can’t win ! 😐

    Impressive work though Gord !


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  3. Looks like he has done a good job … enjoy the peace 🙏

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  4. Haha. What an epic by the look of these pics. Nothing more annoying than a droning, whizzing, elusive Mozzie !!! Well done. And kinda romantic as well ;-).


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