Canine or Feline?

By Gordon…

They say the best pet is someone else’s. True to point I have had the pleasure of several neighbours’ dogs over the years including being the official ‘Dogfather’ to Fergus Blanchard while living in Orange.

Our current living situation has taken us on an unexpected pet twist. I have gone from being a dog lover to the circumstantial owner of one cat and two kittens.

Sourcing food for our adopted moggies was part adventure, part luck. As I didn’t get the chance to ask our Burmese language teacher how to ask for ‘free range duck liver and roasted pumpkin cat food, with hairball control’ I had to resort to my seek and find strategies.

So off I went looking for something that resembled cat food and found a pet shop stand that included cat shampoo, worming pills and little brown pellets that our feline friends love.

As the seasons and weather conditions change we will be requiring these cats to earn their keep and be on the lookout (and take appropriate action) for moving things that we would consider ‘a bit out of the ordinary’.

Our three are on notice if they want to be fed!

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1 thought on “Canine or Feline?

  1. Am sure the cats will earn their keep at some point – but no pictures please:-)

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