Furniture Shopping

By Gordon…

Our comfortable two-bedroom house came furnished with enough basics to keep us going for a while. However we wanted to add a few extra furnishings to accommodate guests.

The town of Nyaung U has a few main streets that offer a bounty of ‘one off’ items.

‘Window shopping’ takes some time as each establishment often supplies variations of one specific item. Armed with this information, we set out to procure a couple of new chairs for the lounge room.

After deciding on bamboo, rather than the cheaper but ubiquitous plastic, we found two very comfortable round numbers and were happy to walk home with them.

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4 thoughts on “Furniture Shopping

  1. NOW you’re a local…’carrying’ your stuff home! 😀


  2. What beautiful additions to your home……..its looking so cosy xx

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  3. Veronica Pansaru January 9, 2019 — 1:20 pm

    It appears my comments on your blog GO nowhere, as far as i can see….so i will try this method….love both your style of giving us a picture of life in your chosen location…and as for the pussy cats – have they fallen on their feet..all four of…Mum..xx xx

    Sent from Veronica’s mini iPad Mandy


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    1. I can see this comment!


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