Two pot dinner

Gordon was over looking at the half packet of fettuccine we had inherited from the previous tenant Ann.

So off we trotted to graze the market and buy a few seasonal veggies… and shock horror… do some cooking…

Moving from stall to stall we gathered snow peas, cauliflower, onions, tomatoes and baby eggplants.

These were diced and tossed into a one pot pasta sauce.

Our meal was indeed lovely with such beautiful fresh ingredients but you still have to wash up!

With so many tasty cheap dining options we think this culinary event will probably be a rare exception to our evening activities.

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7 thoughts on “Two pot dinner

  1. glad you are enjoying the market and Bagan 🙂 the sauce looks lovely

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    1. Yes… so good but easier to eat out!


  2. Haha haha

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  3. Hi Sonia. I visited beautiful Myanmar in Jan 1995. Thank you for sharing your experience. I feel incredibly motivated and sentimental sharing your journey. Please keep the sharing. E


  4. one pot or not – still looks fab ! x

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  5. Looks delicious despite your lapse in cooking and meal preparations. Why not live like the locals and enjoy the bounty of the land when it is available so cheap and easily obtained.
    Cannot believe that you have actual ‘pets’ that require looking after. !!!! I figure you have already been advised to worm the cats and yourselves regularly, given the tropical conditions which are paradise for worm born larvae.
    Must say I love the recent chair purchases especially since they are made from strong and practical bamboo and appear to have such a nice comfortable shape.
    Love to you both XXX

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    1. I hear you lisa!


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