Nyaung U market unplugged

By Gordon…

The colour and variety of the crowd within, and on the periphery, of Nyaung-U market is only matched by the abundance of items for sale.

The Women dressed in colourful longyi’s, with matching bodices, man the stalls with professional business acumen.

Trucks, both local and from further afield, manoeuvre within the small arena dropping off bags of beautifully formed baby onions, corn cobs the colour of an Australian canola crop in full bloom, bright green broccoli and varieties of fresh flowers that would give the Chelsea Flower Show a run for its money.

Items for sale are in specific areas such as fruit and vegetables, fish and meat, various varieties of eggs, assorted rice, cherooots (local cigars) and ingredients for betel nut chewing leaves. Local handicrafts & souvenirs sit beside rattan wear, material for longyi’s and thanakha – a local sunscreen/ facial beautification lotion ground from bark.

The rare small group or single traveler are sometimes spotted within the market, however this is a local market run by locals for locals.

I can’t wait for a tourist to ask me where am I from …so I can say “I live here!” When you come to visit, I will take you for your very own Nyaung U tour…because I’m a local!

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7 thoughts on “Nyaung U market unplugged

  1. Hello Sonia, I also volunteer in Myanmar (part time) and would like to contact you via email. I sent the contact form via the Sanon website but haven’t had a reply, so I thought I’d try this way! Would be great to hear from you! Kind regards, Therese PS markets are always great – such an vivid array of colours, sounds and smells!

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    1. Hi Therese … are you in Bagan? My email soniamuir1961@gmail.com love to hear from you


    2. Hello Sonia, thanks so much for your quick reply. I‘ll mail you on Tuesday as I‘m on a weekend break and out if office until then. Best regards, Therese

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  2. Veronica Pansaru January 16, 2019 — 2:02 pm

    The ingredients are amazing. All the fresh vegetables…i am with you Tracey….would be keen to take them home…..
    Actually starting to feel different about my impending visit in March….and now i am on first name terms with a local .. What more can a girl wish for!!.,

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    1. You’ll be like a local too after a few days..,


  3. How fabulous. Looking on with green envious eyes. Those markets look fabulous and hopefully you’ll have some of those red Gladdies at your place. Dame Edna would be green with envy as well !!!
    You may have to change your concept of not really cooking at home, with all those tasty ingredients at your fingertips.

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    1. I think when temps rise our whole kitchen becomes an oven!!!! Flowers are so gorgeous… they buy them for temples…


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