Pagodas by sunset

By Gordon…

Having now lived amongst the 3800 plus pagodas, stupas and temples that dot the historical archaeological landscape in and around our town of Nyaung U for a few weeks, we took the opportunity to visit the purpose-built viewing mound to watch the sun setting gracefully over the countryside bouncing off the red bricks structures.

Arriving by Tuk Tuk and being engulfed by throngs of fellow sightseers who had arrived via coach, car, ebike, bicycle and horse and trap, we stood in awe of the ancient buildings in the shimmering light.

It is incredible to think these buildings were part of a continual series of empires that paved the way for romantic / mythical places such as Mandalay, the Irrawaddy river and Bagan richly brought to literary life by Rudyard Kipling and Somerset Maugham in the glory days of the ‘Grand Tour’.

Many Pagodas sit patiently waiting for assistance to bring them back to their former glory having lost the battle against time and weather however, restoration work is happening. Perhaps one day the splendour of this religious pilgrimage will once again be a sight that takes your breath away, even more than now.

Did we catch the perfect photo of the sun setting over these magnificent structures? No! we left this particular occasion for the naked eye… and a memory.

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5 thoughts on “Pagodas by sunset

  1. So beautiful xx

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  2. Stunning images. I was amazed by the crowds, having pictured, from your idyllic prose a quiet romantic knoll. !
    You are certainly making the most of your environment. What a rich wealth of visual stimulation.
    Thanks fior taking the time to share. We are all richer for your efforts xx

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    1. Yes some places teem with people!!!! But you can find other places all to yourself …


  3. Mary Givney-Clark January 19, 2019 — 6:30 am

    first time I’ve seen crowds in your neighbourhood..beautiful architecture & a crowd does love a sunset! Am sure one of your fellow tourists to this site has posted their perfect sunset shot..& no doubt you’ll visit again..winter will be lovely light too..


  4. Thank you for sharing with us the beauty of these ancient “treasures.” Your word pictures are quite exciting to read…

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