Green fruit

By Gordon…

Myanmar green plums are now in season and ‘green plum ginger juice’ is one of the many options of how the fruit can be used.

The plums are on sale at the market A$1 per basket. These plums are nothing like the Australian varieties.

They are the colour of a Granny Smith apple, similar in texture to a nashi pear but more crunchy and different in taste.

Avocados are also in abundance at this time with the winter months ripening them to perfection.

Avocados feature in a local green ‘fruit’ drink. This made by blending the flesh with a little milk, ice and palm sugar and a pinch of salt (I have yet to try one).

The avocado I purchased for A$1, was massive and good to go. I had enough perfect flesh inside to make 8 servings of ‘smashed avo on toast’.

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4 thoughts on “Green fruit

  1. Amazing what can be achieved with fresh fruit and an imagination for what tastes good together. I image gin would go nicely with the ginger and plum drink !!!

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    1. On your page Lisa!!!!


  2. Wow Sonia. Interesting adaptating to same same but different xx

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  3. That certainly is an exceptional avo. Looking forward to trying some.

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