Some chillies Sir?

By Gordon…

Chillies are grown in abundance here and are an integral ingredient for many delicious dishes.

I, like many westerners, am partial to trying local curries teamed with the popular tea leaf salad. Both tend to be slightly hot (or ‘spicy’ as they say here).

This week I was caught out …not once but twice in the one day. I was enjoying a chicken curry and later a vegetable stir fry when I chomped into a teeny weeny whole green chilli – seeds and all. I thought it was a green bean.

The resulting reaction produced a heat on my lips so quickly that ice cream was immediately ordered to suppress the inferno.

Lucky there was also an abundance of table napkins available to assist with the perspiration trickling down my forehead.

Size, as they say, is not necessarily everything when it comes to chillies.

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4 thoughts on “Some chillies Sir?

  1. Wow. Take care haha. I’m certain you’ll be totally, officially, localised in no time


  2. I can so relate…..thought I was eating capsicum, ( within a stew) only it also turned out to be a whole red chilli- nothing like the immediate fire to race through your mouth! You brought a smile to my face:)

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  3. My goodness!!! I have never seen such an abundance of chillies…sometimes i have trouble finding a kilo to make the sambal for my grandsons…

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    1. Perhaps send recipe mum?!


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