We’ll be back

Visa renewed for another 70 days.

The road leading down to the Myanmar embassy had a couple of pop up mobile offices set up to print documents for those who may have forgotten something important. Love the ingenuity of people!Goodbye Bangkok… we’ll be back in April for the next run.It was a lot of time travelling… but we did get to gobble up some great street food, consumed lots of fresh coconuts and had a mini break in a metropolis with shops!

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10 thoughts on “We’ll be back

  1. Potential to rendez vous in Bangkok in Jan 2020 !
    Glad you are sorted xx

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    1. Maybe not Bangkok!


  2. Mary Givney-Clark January 29, 2019 — 3:52 pm

    Ha Ha, I like Veronica’s comment..So every 70 days you have to renew? Is it costly?

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    1. Yes for the moment we do. The AVP pays for most of our out of pocket expenses up to a certain amount… so no business class or Sheraton stays!!!


  3. Happy that all is well. Great that there were no dramas and you made the most of your sojourn. But then Of course you would 😘😘

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    1. Crazy at airport though… all of Chinese population of Bangkok heading home for new year… think our Christmas airport antics x10!!!!


  4. Sure beats sitting in Da Nang airport no-person land waiting for an hour to pay US$160 for a Vietnam visa.
    I could have flown home to have it re-issued. They was soooo nice as they held my nether regions firmly in their hand. Okay it was ‘She’, ‘she’ and ‘her’ but I didn’t feel a thing. Honestly.

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  5. Veronica Pansaru January 29, 2019 — 2:08 pm

    Biased? Maybe? However your blogs are the modt interesting abd exciting “series” i see on a screen!!

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