Chinlone – ‘caneball’

By Gordon… Chinlone is a Burmese game that involves feet.

Small rattan (cane) balls are used to play this national sport.

The game is typically played with 6 players, although we have see groups of 4 or 5, playing around our neighborhood… and looks to only involve males.

Some games we have watched during our walks include acrobatic scissor wallops, back heal kicks over volleyball nets and head tricks.

I am prepared to give it a try…if invited. In case you missed it my foot is on the cane ball and I’m wearing a Myanmar longyi.

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8 thoughts on “Chinlone – ‘caneball’

  1. Oh it is very athletic! A cross between volleyball and soccer??

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    1. Yes like volleyball for feet!


  2. Oh so keen to know how you get on as I know how much you love your sport :-)……!

    Hope the toes aren’t too bashed by the end of the game…..


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    1. I can assure you we were spectators only!


  3. Cool … way to go Gordon.
    Hope you get some practice in to hone your inherent skills.
    Looking forward to hearing of your first game results, tricks and all.

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    1. Very much the spectator Tracey! Lisa and les booked to visit in May! 🙂


  4. Confiscating their ball may result in an international incident.

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    1. Very dodgy move!!!!


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