Valentine’s Day

By Gordon…

The town was bustling today with… love!

As we know February 14 is the day to buy cards, chocolates, fluffy toys, mushy cards, flowers (roses) and more recently send lovey dicey emojis with bright red hearts to special loved ones.

Businesses all over the world love it and it’s no different here.

Seemed a tad surreal amongst the sounds and sights of such a Buddhist country… we bought a heart shaped box of chocolates to hand out at Sanon before it got too hot and it became one big chocolate! Everyone gobbled them up!

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1 thought on “Valentine’s Day

  1. It appears that “love” and Valentines Day has been associated with romance for the last 15 centuries; as to when bears, chocolates etc appeared, i do not know. Though i imagine flowers woukd have been an early celebratory gift..
    Maybe somewhat commercialised now, however it is still a pleasant custom to be enjoyed …..

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