Drinking water on tap (sort of)

By Gordon…

Access to clean drinking water without any question, is important to everyone.

We have a very easy and efficient system in place where we obtain our drinking water via 20lt containers delivered by a water delivery truck.

I don’t even need to be here. I just leave the empty bottle on the back step, along with the payment of MMK350 (about A30c) tied in a bag (attached to the tap) and the water crew do the swap replacing empty for full.

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7 thoughts on “Drinking water on tap (sort of)

  1. Gosh….you would never get that kind of service in the UK any more…….

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  2. Wow. Are u finding you use more than expected? I know it would be interesting to monitor just how much you actually use ??
    Love the broom near your step. What a beautiful crafted piece.

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    1. At the moment about 2 per week. May go up in April when the weather temp increases. Broom gets used every day.


    2. Only use this for tea and drinking so not too bad.


  3. A bit like the milkman used to be.

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    1. I remember the milk delivery in the UK Ruth.


  4. Keep your posts “keep coming” – so enjoyable; and always eager for next epidode!!!

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