A Thursday spectacle

This morning on our short stroll to work we heard loud music. This is not unusual as pagoda festivals and Buddhist chanting are common… but off we detoured to investigate.

At the end of our road we stood with other locals to experience the cacophony of sound and colour as a procession snaked its way through Nyaung U to one of the local monasteries dressed in their finest.

I can’t get enough of these colourful spectacles. The beautiful women and men in bright longyis, the occasional elephant, decorated oxen and even sometimes …like today …you can be lucky to see a little display of theatrical dancing.

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12 thoughts on “A Thursday spectacle

  1. You need to get a calendar of special events from the locals so you are sure to not miss out on what seems like random acts of dedication and celebration. Love the umbrellas and the spectacular colours. Xxx

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    1. Nice thought! Not gonna happen!


  2. Mary Givney-Clark February 22, 2019 — 2:47 pm

    Costumes are truly beautiful, strong colours, intricate embroidery detailing…but what took my attention were some of the men’s footwear…socks & thongs! A favourite of mine around the house!

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    1. Some are quite elaborate too! People think it’s still winter… 32 today – go figure!


  3. WOW! What a spectacle! Love it. Mel

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  4. Wow….wow….wow……

    How colourful, how delightful…..
    Please can you areange a repeat performance for when i visit xx

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  5. How bright and colourful!!

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    1. Just like summer street orange yes?!


  6. The Asian cultures certainly do colour well. Spectacular.

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  7. love reading your stories. What were they celebrating?

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    1. Going to the monastery to make donations. But like going to mass?!


    2. You g people going to become nuns or monks – noviates


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