Bank to bowl

You may be familiar with the farm marketing term ‘paddock to plate’… well here in Myanmar I’d like to introduce a new slogan – ‘bank to bowl’.This weekend we had a lovely evening watching the sun sink over the Chin Hills while cruising the Irrawaddy River. Because the river is so low at this time of year instant farms crop up (excuse the pun) all over the emerging sandbanks.

We docked at one such sandbank to see what was growing and discovered cauliflowers being harvested so bought about a basket full. (It cost just under AU$6 – as we didn’t have anything smaller). The farmer was very happy with the instant profit and we were happy with the freshly plucked produce. It was a win win.

We dined on extremely fresh steamed cauliflower for lunch today. Served in a bowl with a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of salt and cracked pepper, a splash of organic yoghurt and a squirt of fresh lime. Very yummy.

Fresh is best …and not a supermarket or plastic bag in sight.

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6 thoughts on “Bank to bowl

  1. Thanks for the recipe. Stay safe.

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  2. Am going to try that recipe but no doubt it will cost me a lot more to produce here and probably not taste half as fresh………xx

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  3. Yumm Sunia,
    Frsh is best and it couldn’t be fresher than that.
    Nice to see you are enjoying life their.

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    1. Lovely to hear from one of my ALUP mates! A dig at one of our supermarkets!!!


  4. It appears to me that a vegetarian would live very well there…

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