A giant souvenir

By Gordon…

Wood carving has a long history in many parts of Asia and ‘panbu’, as it is known in Myanmar, is deeply rooted in Burmese culture.

Pop up shops have items for sale ranging from small figurines to large bowls and massive sculptures.
Workshops often feature artisans showcasing their skills with a dexterity that only comes with years of practice.
Items for sale at these places are of a size the average tourist may certainly find difficult to take on the plane as hand luggage however, hotels do support the artists and I’ve seen the larger pieces there like this massive elephant. 

Sonia quite fancied an intricately carved throne in another friend’s Yangon apartment but I refused to kowtow so she stepped down – reluctantly I might add.

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8 thoughts on “A giant souvenir

  1. Ahhhh, we knew you were special, Queen Sonia who is accompanied by Lord Gord. It will be a daily rush to get a seat at the throne if you decide this is fitting of your abode.

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    1. It was a tad large for our humble abode!


  2. Fabulous carvings…….looking fabulous too Sonia xx

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  3. I’d cow to that tow; or is it t….. no of course not.

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    1. Never a cow naughty Vaughan


  4. Oh Praise to Queen Sonia ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‚. Loved reading about these amazing carvings!

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    1. Sounds quite good I reckon Liz … queen Sonia!!!!


  5. You both deserve throne!Dad

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