Clever kitties

We had assumed our flyscreens were cat proof… wrong!

Our clever feline friends have figured out how to jump onto the window ledge and push the screens open – from the outside.

We discovered this at 2am last week … when I went for a wee walk, heard a meow and felt something furry brush my leg.

Not happy…

We are trying a few ways to secure the screens using whatever is lying around such as my old iphone ear cords.

So far so good but I suspect these cheeky clever kitties are already plotting new ways to ‘break in’ and raid the cat food tin.

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5 thoughts on “Clever kitties

  1. Ha. Love it. Ben and Brooke’s cat. Bear, who we ‘re babysitting while they’re on their honeymoon is equally as wily. Pat had to put a barrelbolt on our bedroom screen door as he figured out pretty quickly how to open it.

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  2. Oh I love a clever kitty. Maybe you need a wiley and devoted dog?!

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    1. 3 cats are enough Liz! They are wiley enough!!!


  3. Veronica Pansaru March 1, 2019 — 2:38 am

    Remember our Pedro – kitties are pretty clever; keep us posted as to how long “ear plugs” keep them out!!


    1. So far so good!


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