Public transport. I caved in (part 1)

By Gordon…

I am sitting at the bus station.

Today we are venturing out of town for a weekend away. Destination – Yenangyaung which is approximately 3 hours south down the Irrawaddy River by horse and trap or 9 hours on a local bus… if it ever arrives.

Let me explain.

Although the bus cost A$13 for two we spent almost all on phone credit trying to arrange the tickets.

We finally figured out how to book the tickets and secured the last two seats from the ‘office’ yesterday as had to be done ‘in person’.

This morning we arrived on time to be told at 8.30 that our mini bus was broken and we wouldn’t be leaving til maybe 10.30.

The weekend away is starting well… stay tuned!

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1 thought on “Public transport. I caved in (part 1)

  1. Oh so looking forward to the next update !
    Hope you get there…….and back! Safely xx

    Liked by 1 person

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