Having a gas

By Gordon…

We, like everyone else, use bottled gas for our little stove. Our cooking is limited to percolated coffee everyday and the odd lunch of super fresh boiled corn cobs or perhaps a poached egg.

Most locals actually eat out as well buying food from pop up breakfast, lunch or dinner stalls where a meal costs less than a dollar.

Anyway- the gas bottle was running low. Using my well honed risk management skills I engaged a work colleague to assist with the logistics.

Off we zoomed with the bottle in a tuk tuk to an assortment of supposed refill stations.

Yep you guessed right we were on a merry goose chase.

More by chance than local intel, we happened on an actual specialty ‘gas bottle filling shop’.

I stood a bit of a distance from the filling operation but had every faith!!!!

Payment was by weight and the bill came to A$8.10.

Will I find the shop again? I suppose I could follow my nose or a goose?

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4 thoughts on “Having a gas

  1. What a gas ! 🙂

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  2. Well, here in the geographical centre of Newcastle I rely on gas cylinders for my only gas appliance, my stovetop. The pipes gas ends half a block from me and resumes similarly on the other side of my home. Why? I don’t need a tuk tuk. as a refilled 40 litre bottle is delivered by bottle swap within 24 hrs of request. Nevertheless, it is strange.

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    1. So much for civilisation!


  3. Haha. Wow. Nothing like a swap n go !!!!

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