Roundabout rivalry

By Gordon…

You could throw a round circle of concrete at the junction of two roads and call it a roundabout or, as is the case with the new construction in the centre of our town Nyaung- U, take some time and make it decorative as well as practical.

Our stone mason artisans have been busy this past week putting the finishing touches on a new roundabout featuring figurative Myanmar reliefs. The middle has a beautiful garden.

Of course the art of ‘one-up-man-ship’ is always an issue in any town… our nearest roundabout is massive and includes a very popular play ground, exercise circuit and a very very old pagoda floodlit at night – located in the middle! Just saying.

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4 thoughts on “Roundabout rivalry

  1. Love the “Our roundabout” comment Gordon. How do the children access the playground, if its in the middle of traffic? Is traffic patient with pedestrians?

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    1. Cross very carefully!


  2. Hi Sonia – thinking of you on International Women’s Day – thinking what an inspirational international woman you are – you certainly have inspired me to ‘jump’ out of my comfort zone and take on challenges including leadership – Myanmar looks so colourful and amazing – congratulations to you and Gordon on taking on this challenge and contributing in such a positive way – stay safe and happy – Love Carolyn

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    1. Thank you Carolyn! Leaping outside your comfort zone so often leads to unexpected enjoyable moments 🙂


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