Pagoda pickup

Being asked to visit pagodas at sunset isn’t always what you expect!

Mum and Timm embraced the randomness of Myanmar life to join us on a rather impromptu rubbish pickup activity with Sanon students and staff as the sun sank into the west.

After all the hard work walking through the burrs we were invited to have a bowl of traditional noodles by the trustees of the pagoda and then had seconds of tea leaf salad and orange cordial sponsored by a local tea house.

Everyone contributed to this event. We went halves in the truck hire that transported everyone around ($6).

The evening finished by candlelight as there was a blackout – fairly common here!

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6 thoughts on “Pagoda pickup

  1. I did chuckle first when I saw the rubber gloves I thought it might have been more of a ‘poo patrol’ , but your story put my imagination to rest. A very satisfying deed, indeed !!

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    1. It’s a big task!


  2. Rubbish is a problem everywhere isn’t it? Good on you. Is that good old tomato sauce complementing your candle light dinner??

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  3. Certainly a real experience. That’s what it’s all about. Loving reading your tales

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    1. Thanks my friend


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