Gender Education awareness thru’ clothes washing

We are in Naypyitaw – the somewhat surreal Myanmar capital – for a volunteer gathering this week.

Today’s Australian Volunteers Program inclusion workshop included an interactive gender awareness presentation by the dynamic Daw Htar Htar – founder of Myanmar’s Akhaya Women.

Through a hands-on clothes washing activity we gained an immediate experiential understanding of the deeply ingrained gender roles within Myanmar culture.

For example, as a general cultural rule women’s and men’s longyis are never washed together… and that is just the tip of the gender iceberg.

Daw Htar Htar is driving a range of women’s empowerment and advocacy programs and leads many innovative gender campaigns and projects.

It was fabulous to chat with her and learn one of her greatest supporters is her feminist husband – just like Gordon!

By the way… Akhaya means the main principal or essential element. It refers to women as the key to all families. I love this!

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2 thoughts on “Gender Education awareness thru’ clothes washing

  1. Fascinating ! You really are having a cultural immersive experience, doubt I would ever know such level of detail from Lonely Planet guides ! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely. Htar Htar was so inspiring.


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