A visit to the Myanmar Hluttaw (Parliament Building)

I have seen some big buildings over the years but the Hluttaw would have to be one of the largest. We were privileged to visit during our volunteer gathering in Nay Pyi Taw.

The impressive 14 lane concrete road leading up to the parliament is like driving on an airport runway rather than a road.

There are 31 buildings in this seven square kilometre precinct with. We visited one and it was a whopper. I’m sure sure the photos can’t relay the immensity of the architecture.

There are three Houses of Parliament in Myanmar: The House of Representatives, The House of Nationalities and The Union Parliament.

The Union Parliament building is the largest and can accommodate all members of the other two Houses. At full capacity this meeting space can seat all 664 Hluttaw parliamentarians as well as those seated above in the dress circle public gallery.

There are 166 seats allocated to the Defences Services who are nominated by the Commander-in-Chief in accordance with the law.

Parliamentarians have a five year term and the next election will be in 2020. The first elections were in 2010 so democracy is very fledgling but wonderful to see the vision of where they are heading.

Parliament wasn’t sitting during our visit which meant we could access quite a few rooms so we didn’t get to see any of this fledgling democracy in action… it must be an amazing experience as most are dressed in their region’s national costumes.

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6 thoughts on “A visit to the Myanmar Hluttaw (Parliament Building)

  1. Wow, those buildings look amazing! Would never think such opulence and so accessible.
    This journey continues to amaze me xx

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    1. Big contrasts.


  2. That member of parliament looked a bit familiar.

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  3. Such impressive grandeur, and may the democratic system last.

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  4. Mary Givney-Clark March 31, 2019 — 6:42 am


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  5. That’s rather IMPRESSIVE!! You are certainly enjoying the full range of experiences.

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