Thingyan is coming…

Thingyan is Myanmar’s New Year water festival.

We are leaving Myanmar this week for another visa run to Bangkok followed by a holiday in Japan, so we wanted to acknowledge Thingyan with a little farewell event with our colleagues.

As the tourist numbers dwindle over the hot summer, the Sanon Training restaurant is now closed on Sundays til autumn.

Today was the first Sunday everyone was off together… so a perfect opportunity for a celebration.

It became apparent in one of my English hospitality lessons that many students had never eaten pizza… so an idea started to percolate…

Thanks to our generous friends Sally and Brian, tonight the Sanon team enjoyed their very first ‘pizza party’ at a local open air top of a great night… on our stroll back home with some of the students we were invited into a community space to watch some local women practicing their Thingyan dance steps. Another little magic moment in Myanmar.

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3 thoughts on “Thingyan is coming…

  1. What a lovely event. Happy new year. Safe travels and a happy trip to Babcock and Japan. As always looking forward to hearing of your adventures. Xx TT

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  2. How wonderful! Loving your experience. Hope they enjoyed the pizza. Enjoy your trip to Japan!
    Love to you both xx

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    1. They LOVED the pizza party!


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