Even volunteers get holidays

We’ve had a great holiday escaping the extreme heat of Myanmar for a few weeks – exploring Japan.

Our travels included opportunities to see so much… here are some selected photo snaps. Japan is where you can:

– experience intriguing art, history, cityscapes, crowded Tokyo streets and interesting old and new architecture

– immerse yourself in a culture where respect for others and the environment is the norm

– enliven your senses through weird and wonderful food textures, smells, colours and tastes

– walk ancient streets and see the many juxtaposed contrasts of old and new ways of living

– travel on the excellent trains that leave and arrive on time

– enjoy the beautiful diverse gardens, castles and landscapes

– relax in boiling hot onsens, drink lots of tea and giggle at the loos!

– and finally just go with the flow and learn to cope without English.

Arigato Japan… I’m sure we’ll be back some day.

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3 thoughts on “Even volunteers get holidays

  1. Just a fabulous summary of the country and your experiences. Beautifully captured. Glad the journey back to Bagan went well – am sure there were welcoming arms for both of you

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    1. Good to be home!


  2. Yes it does appear to have been an excellent and exciting visit…however i am sure in Bagan there are many awaiting you, with open arms…love…Mum

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