Introducing new skills…

Gordon has been coping for the past five months without an ironing board… only just!

I had given him a steam iron for Christmas but the makeshift dining/ironing table hasn’t been adequate for my professional ironing husband.

He’s been on a mission to get a proper board for months …to no avail.

Last week he started the tricky process of ordering something the locals had never seen.

Photos of photos on phones can do wonders when you can’t speak the local lingo.

Anyway three ironing boards arrived today – two for the student house and one for us.

Upon collecting them there was an impromptu in-store demo for the shop owner and some passers by.

Next was a quick workshop for the Sanon students who’d never seen one either.

Gordon is now a very happy bloke and can’t wait to get into some extreme bikram ironing!

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6 thoughts on “Introducing new skills…

  1. Oh lovely. I’ll be over with my ironing shortly 🤗


  2. Gordon you are a fair dinkum unit !!! If its 40 degrees at midnight who wants to iron any time of day or night hahahahaha


  3. I would have bet on Gordon choosing the board with Pooh on the cover!


  4. Hilarious!!!

    What a fabulous selection of ironing boards…..i want one !

    The locals must be loving all of this because I am !!!!

    Just wonderful



  5. Can’t love this enough xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s an enigma!


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