Just add water

By Gordon and Sonia…

Sunday was another interesting cultural day – outside our usual volunteering commitments.

It was also an emotional experience.

The adverse hot weather conditions have meant some Bagan villages have completely run out of drinking water.

In response, our generous Sanon students decided to donate a portion of their small monthly ‘salary’ to sponsor two water trucks.

All the staff also donated money to help cover other costs that included some extra treats for the villagers.

We went with them to deliver and distribute this precious resource to two villages in our local area.

We assembled at Sanon’s front gate at 6am and didn’t return until midday.

It was quite a drive along dusty roads to both villages but well worth it. The smiles on everyone’s faces were unforgettable.Each village thanked us with tea and treats. We were humbled by their generosity. The day wasn’t all heavy lifting and dealing with heat and dust… as the students were treated to a simple but filling traditional breakfast of egg and noodles at a local teahouse and later on the way home – a lunch of fried goodies and rice.Everyone deserves an applause for their role in making this happen.This is another reason why we love volunteering- it’s those random authentic everyday ‘beyond the pale’ insights that we are so privileged to be included in.

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3 thoughts on “Just add water

  1. Goodness how we take things for granted at times. I can just imagine how the villagers would have felt seeing some water being delivered and then to share it….such community spirit.
    And for those who donated, such generosity…..
    Well done to all and i hope you slept well that night xx


  2. Magic. Right there. x

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  3. Spreading the love as always. Treasures.

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