(Re)appreciating where we live

While on a volunteer assignment it is wonderful to have friends visit.

This weekend we took a mini break in our own backyard of Bagan to explore a little more and take our visitors to some of our favourite places.

Having people visit makes you get out and about… to see the beautiful sunrises over pagodas and toast the sunsets over the Irrawaddy River.

As well as capturing the random serendipitous snippets of everyday life in between… it’s been a terrific reminder that you are living a unique life.

Thank you Lisa and Les for detouring to Bagan on your trip to Thailand… by coming we are learning new things about our Myanmar home!

I wonder who’ll be visiting next?!?!?!!!!!

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1 thought on “(Re)appreciating where we live

  1. Beautiful pics of beautiful friends. So happy you’ve been together. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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