Bagan to Yangon by bus… step one

By Gordon…

The last time I had such a feeling of joint group excitement was my first scout camp in 1974.

On Wednesday evening four students, one staff, a Manager and I started a five day big city adventure.

Through negotiations, with the Yangon Novotel Hotel, we are giving our top students and a trainee chef the chance to do a taster work experience stint in a large busy hospitality setting.

Step one was the overnight bus to Yangon.

A 10 hour trip stretched before us. As the night bus pulled out of Nyaung-u station heading south, my mind trawled through through memories of my many trips on the Glasgow to London overnight shuttle. This was sort of same same but also very different.

The 1am scheduled terminal ‘truck stop’ was a chance to stretch legs, tackle other bus passengers wanting use a washroom, stock up on Myanmar snacks, smoke a ciggy or replenished betel nut supplies. There was everything a Myanmar traveller could want… and not a Golden Arches to be seen.

1am supervision shift! 1,2,3,4,5,Yup, all my six Sanon team accounted for… Back on the bus everybody.

Even though it was hot outside the 🚌 bus was freezing so we all snuggled under blankets and tried to get at least a couple of hours sleep 😴.

We arrived in Yangon around 6am. For all but one in my team, this was their first ever trip to Yangon. Most of students come from small villages so this was a tad jaw dropping.

I loved this picture of wonderment as each absorbed their country’s largest city coming to life.

We negotiated a taxi to our guest house. Incredibly seven people, seven cases/backpacks, gifts and uneaten snack bags all managed to squeeze into one car!

The journey into town was not unlike a Disneyland fun park ride. Although weary after the long bus trip, we were all now fully awake. Holding on tight our knuckles turned white and our hearts raced. I personally gave thanks that the bus snacks had stayed down.

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5 thoughts on “Bagan to Yangon by bus… step one

  1. Your trips by bus from Glasgow to London were a good preparation for now. Enjoy the experience. XX by


  2. Ooh 7 people in a car πŸ˜‚. That’s an amazing level of organisational skills Gordon!!


    1. Eight, including the driver!!!


  3. So glad you all arrived safely…..
    What a lovely picture you paint


  4. Veronica Pansaru June 8, 2019 — 3:24 pm

    Gordon i could sense the excitement as i read your blocg……what a wonderful experience for the students…

    Liked by 1 person

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