Early one Myanmar morning

It’s Saturday and I’m home alone. Gordon is in Yangon for a few days. He’s accompanying students doing work experience.

I woke up very early so did the washing – the simple Myanmar bucket way in our showering room/laundry.

Then I jumped on our borrowed ebike (Scooter) and went off exploring a temple or two before the sun got too hot.

It was so incredibly peaceful and I felt like I had Bagan to myself as I meandered down sandy laneways… passing endless stupas and pagodas.

My destination this morning was Dhammayangyi Temple. It is the most massive structure in Bagan and was built by King Narathu (1167-70).

After murdering his king father, Narathu ascended to the Bagan throne and built this unusual temple.

He oversaw the construction and it was said that masons were excecuted if a needle could be pushed between any bricks they had laid.

Apparently Narathu also had a princess executed. Her father took revenge and sent eight officers disguised as Brahmans to assassinate him and he died in his own temple.

Despite the gruesome tales it’s a very beautiful temple. And, at this time of year there aren’t many tourists. I didn’t see one!

No rolling out of a red carpet here… it’s a sky blue – all the way to the main entrance.

Next it was breakfast at a local teahouse back in town for some yummy fried donuts and green tea before joining the crowds doing their busy Saturday market shopping with their colourful baskets. I felt like local filling mine with goodies… although I drew the line at popping it on my head.

Oh did I mention I saw another elephant?! One strolled passed while I was in the teahouse talking to my friend Mary back in Australia.

Back home by 9.30am, chores all done …it was time for a relax and read of my latest book … a Swedish crime novel plucked from the eclectic collection in our inherited library/bookshelf.

So much to love about this slower paced simple life!

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3 thoughts on “Early one Myanmar morning

  1. Beautiful Sonia……just beautiful


  2. Absolutely fabulous. XX


  3. Veronica Pansaru June 9, 2019 — 3:58 pm

    Certainly you are embracing what is offering in the country of your choice; and being at one with the local folk, really understand their way of living…..even tho’ through Western eyes…..


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