Our local cafe

After a speedy renovation the teahouse/cafe down on the corner – just along from our house has reopened for business.

Being our closest local ‘cafe’ we thought we’d check it out this morning.

We plop next to a family but there are mainly of tables of blokes.

You can buy single cigarettes. A TV is on. The free green tea is self serve from the thermoses on every table.

We aren’t too sure what’s on the menu because there isn’t one. There are two open kitchens and a samosa stand outside on the side street.

The breakfast food (mainly fried goodies, soup and noodle dishes) is very cheap but the ultra sweet milky tea drink is certainly an acquired taste. I think Gordon will stick to Sanon cappuccinos.

We tasted a couple of things… those fried dough sticks and a kind of fried flat bread with beans. Both good and it cost less that $1 for both of us. I reckon we’ll return.

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1 thought on “Our local cafe

  1. Great cafe, culture in spades. The breaky fare looks intriguing.

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