Tuesday began with a wedding…

Weddings can be held on any day Of the week here in Myanmar… it all comes down to the most auspicious ‘date’.

Last Tuesday we were invited to a village for a colleague’s family wedding.Everyone frocked up in their best longyi, and all the girls had fresh perfumed jasmine in their hair.It’s Myanmar tradition to bring gifts if you know the bride’s family and money if you are part of the grooms entourage.The pressies were all wrapped and ready to go. everyone piled in to the little hired truck, checked the tyres and we headed to a village about 1.5hrs from Sanon. We were advised not to wear white… and soon found out why… It was a incredibly dusty trip along bumpy back roads.

We drove past lots of peanut and sesame fields and the occasional oxen.Two students are also from this same village so it was an opportunity for them to touch base with loved ones.We met parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents and neighbours. Everyone was so warm and welcoming.It was a lovely village but also a sobering insight into just how challenging life can be for so many here in rural Myanmar .

As is the tradition of Myanmar hospitality we were offered refreshments at each and every house we visited.The wedding ‘feast’ included tea, pork and chicken curries, rice, a crunchy sesame, bean and peanut mix and a green mango chilli salad served at a low table on a raised platform at the groom’s home. We all sat cross legged and served ourselves while other guests looked on and took photos of us! A good reminder of how it might feel when tourists thrust their cameras into someone’s personal space.We took a different route home stopping at a couple of sacred tree sites. One huge one was over 1500 years old and had concrete pylons holding up branches.It was such a privilege to be invited to be a part of this special day.

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday began with a wedding…

  1. Beautifully told.
    Sounds like yet another wonderful experience to add to the numerous others.

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  2. What a wonderfull experience. I do envy you. cheers

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  3. Veronica Pansaru June 21, 2019 — 11:19 am

    What an enjoyable and informative blog – village weddings are inclusive of everyone, i see…so it was in your dad’s village in Romania…..
    What is particularly interesting is the cullture of the gift giving – she gets the presents (pots and pans??) and “he” the money….mmmm!!!!

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    1. His family pay so I think that is why!


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