Anyone for M Tennis?

By Gordon (and Sonia)

In the UK at the moment, cucumber sandwiches teamed with strawberries slowly sinking into bubbles of champagne and long glasses of Pimms mixed with icy cold lemonade can only mean one thing… The Wimbledon elite have started swanning to enjoy another tennis season.

We have been engaging in our own more local – but just as ferocious – tennis tournament here in Bagan.

To tackle the daily draw challenges head on we’ve discovered a fabulous new electrically powered tennis racquet and is proving to be a bit of a game changer.

When it is fully charged, this sporting implement gives one a slight advantage against formidable opponents – even if it is yet to be approved by the tennis governing body.

We are loving our new found ability to be on the offensive with these small yet elusive opponents who are well accustomed to their home court. However they usually have a distinct advantage serving silent aces when we aren’t focusing on their backhand and volleys.

We also have to contend with the endless supply of substitute players. It is two against 10,000+ so the games are relentless.

Our playing arena has no boundaries. Play is always ‘on’. There are no ball attendants, umpires or slow motion replays to track controversial calls. It’s β€˜their’ patch so it seems they have the upper hand and call the shots.

Will we win? Well we are confident we can win a few sizzling games but not so sure we will triumph in this very unfair Myanmar mozzie match 😦

5 thoughts on “Anyone for M Tennis?

  1. Hilarious. Great action shots.

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  2. does the raquet work on people too πŸ™‚

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    1. No! Only mozzies


  3. It might become an Olympic sport:-)


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