Snake for breakfast

Well, snake fruit actually.

While recently staying in Yangon we tried this intriguing fruit. It was a sour tasting with a scaly skin.

Although we have seen a couple of slithering snakes. One was green and about a foot in length the other was black and white and about 40 feet… (give or take).

Anyway, back to the sumptuous breakfast buffet fruit display.

Myanmar producers an abundance of fresh tropical fruits.

We’ve seen mangosteens, lychees, long and, dragonfruit, pineapples, rambutans and pomelos as well as the stinky durian which is not allowed in hotels, pheew. It’s in the markets at the moment and we’ve seen durian ice cream.

Sonia had a taste of the fresh fruit and reckons it tasted like mashed steamed onions.

We were told you eat durian to warm up and follow it with mangosteen to cool down. I think I’ll stick to bananas.

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5 thoughts on “Snake for breakfast

  1. Gosh – you had me there!

    And durian ice cream…… yuk……. give me an Italian gelato anytime !



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  2. Oh yes, the durian. Why would I do that to myself? Didn’t the isolation warnings and demands act as a flag? I will never learn.
    Be well friends and as alwaysvenjoy. (As if you need encouragement) Love.

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  3. Veronica Pansaru July 19, 2019 — 3:49 am

    When i first saw “snake for breakfast – Gordon and Sonia, i freaked! But, thank goodness, all was revealed!!!

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