Trainspotting in Yangon

While in Yangon we finally took a delightful morning trip on the famous circular train.

The full circle takes a few hours but because the tracks are being upgraded so its not possible to do a complete city donut at the moment.

Our tickets cost less than AUS$2 to go nine stations.

The trains were slow but very clean as was the station and most scenes out the window.

Many stations don’t have platforms and the carriages often feature moving ‘shops’ selling their wares to commuters.

We got on at Central Station which is downtown and alighted at Hledan Station to walk across the tracks and stroll through a colourful busy suburban markets selling everything from aloe vera to stinky durian … before stopping for a cuppa in a tea house.

Our final leg was on a local bus followed by a trishaw back to our accommodation.

It was a nice little excursion.

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6 thoughts on “Trainspotting in Yangon

  1. Rebekah McLachlan August 9, 2019 — 4:25 pm

    Hi Sonia,
    My husband, Scott and I are interested in volunteering abroad. Can you advise which organisation in Australia has supported you?
    Many thanks, Rebekah

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    1. We are here through the Australian Volunteers Program or send me your email and we can chat more… happy to help!

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  2. What wonderful pictures – particularly of the produce – it looks so fresh……..
    Can’t imagine anyone walking on the tube in London with things to sell on their head !
    Fab story and you both get more local day by day

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  3. Veronica Pansaru July 27, 2019 — 2:49 pm

    Now it explains the photo you sent before – walking over railway lines. Do not know all the fruits and fresh vegetables .. However there seem to be an abundance….love your street photos…

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  4. Wonderful pics d E sr friends. We are so lookingvforward to our February visit.
    We’ll chat about your advice on getting there toward Xmas unless you recommend doing it earlier. It doesn’t matter to us.
    I appreciate the simple joys you are experiencing during the important work you do for those numerous young people and their families.
    Lyn left this morning for a week in Thredbo with her usual group of fellow skiers; most of whom were on the three week Wyoming/Montana trip.
    We will head for Thredbo in a few weeks to her chalet. I’ll walk and fish never having snowskied and decidung that it’s an unnecessary risk to begin over 70.
    Love to you both as always.

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    1. Look forward to chatting closer to the date!


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