An adventure

By Gordon…

The chance to take nine Sanon students, to Yangon, for work experience and internships will go down as one of those gifted occasions that presents itself perhaps once or twice in ones life.

Logistics aside, it was a golden opportunity to expose our gorgeous young adults to both front and back of house of two outstanding Yangon hotels.

Running sheet:

9 students and myself, with an average 2 decent size bags each.

10 hour bus trip (arriving in Yangon at 6am). For some this was there first trip beyond Bagan.

Two lots of accommodation… across town. The first long term hostel rooms were totally unacceptable therefore alternative accommodation was sought (need them to be safe for their two month internship) ahhh… I love a challenge.

Two hosting hotel meetings (with site tour and student briefing) again, across town.

Very limited Myanmar language skills (me, obviously)

Breakfast and lunch stops

Humidity at 200% and 13 taxi trips in the renowned / crazy Yangon traffic…

What could possibly go wrong?

To be truthful, a lot!

However, with patience, good internet and phone connectivity, assistance from the Sanon management team in Bagan, the use of our student’s English language skills when required, the fact that 10 people can fit into two cabs, well 12 if you include the drivers, and that we missed the monsoon rainstorms that plague Yangon at this time all KPI’s were met.

A huge shoutout to the Belmond Governors Residence and the Novotel Yangon Max for their assistance with exposing the students to 5 star hospitality and work experience.

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5 thoughts on “An adventure

  1. Sorry I’ve read this a bit late. How fabulous. Another epic adventure. Glad all worked out. Congratulations on all your efforts. 😘😘

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  2. Always enjoy your reports. Thank you.

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  3. Well done Gordon! These students are lucky you love a challenge 😊

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  4. Fantastic Gordon, that sort of mentorship and “parenting” will be the thing that sets some of those kids up for life. Yay you!

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