UNESCO t-shirts for new members

By Gordon…

The Myanmar bid to join the UNESCO train has been going on for a long and bumpy 25 years.

Last month it finally stopped at our station and UNESCO awarded the historic area of Bagan a gold star for excellence and we gained entry onto the ‘World Heritage ‘List’.

What this means for businesses, shops, tourists, e-bike operators, taxis, tour guides, restaurants (like Sanon), the trains, planes, and buses remains to be seen.

Bagan airport

Quite a few hotels located in the middle of the designated historic zone will be impacted. A UNESCO condition dictates that they will need to ‘move’.

Now… In my experience moving a chess piece ♟ or a dog 🐕 or even a car 🚘 can be done fairly easily however, the logistics of moving a hotel (including a swimming pool) will certainly take a gigantic effort.

We will all be watching this space to see how things unfold. It’s perhaps a good time to come to Bagan now before the world discovers this hidden gem!

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4 thoughts on “UNESCO t-shirts for new members

  1. Wow. Don’t fancy being a removalist!! Interesting evolution. The pics spell out an amazing place. So pleased you are involved in such an inspiring place & community

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  2. Fantastic news !!! So looking forward to seeing it for myself 🙂 xx


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  3. The UNESCO tag certainly adds a touch of class. And added to yours, the rollon will be fascinating to witness. Well done all. We look forward to being there in February.

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