Birthday 🍰 cake rituals

The tradition in Myanmar is for the birthday person to feed cake to everyone… using one spoon… with 23 new students and quite a few, staff I always try to make sure I am first and Gordon is second!

It was my friend and colleague Khin Lay’s birthday and we were also invited along with other Sanon managers to lunch on Saturday at the local Nyaung U Home for the Aged – a place I’d driven past many times.

As a bonus, we had the opportunity to meet her parents (and an Aunty) who had travelled from their a town 4-5 hrs away (by 🚌 bus).

We arrived on our trusty ebike – just as a grace was being chanted to tables laden with lots of Myanmar traditional dishes – curries, pickled salads, spicy condiments, vegetables, rice, bananas and little jellies for dessert…

It was such a serene and a special way to celebrate a birthday in a soul-nurturing Myanmar way… where giving to others – rather than focusing on one’s self is so often the default option for this nation of generous hearted people.

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4 thoughts on “Birthday 🍰 cake rituals

  1. What an interesting ritual for birthday cake. Lovely pics. You look healthy and happy.

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  2. They are so little. I am coming over there to play in the rugby team!

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  3. You would have both fitted in perfectly – giving to others comes naturally to you both.

    The food just looks amazing………and how nice that the family had all come together – so humbling…..



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