An electric Sunday afternoon

Getting an electrician on a Sunday here isn’t all that difficult.

A little crew arrived around 5pm and spent a couple of hours working with torched, scaling ladders clad in longyis, moving furniture and going backwards and forwards to a shop for supplies…

We needed a couple of switches and light fittings replaced that were on the blink… having showers 🚿 by torchlight was becoming a bit of a challenge.

Our landlady who lives next door was straight onto it when we showed her what needed to be done.

We usually wait until there’s a few things wrong before hauling her in.. her English is slightly better than our meagre command of the Myanmar language.

It ended up being a busy afternoon with other stuff happening … one of our cats had two kittens behind our little pump shed in the front yard, then the neighbours popped over with a plate of fresh ruby red dragonfruit and … post electrics… we ebiked off to dinner with Stuart – a fellow volunteer and his brother who were in town.

Most Myanmar businesses are open seven days a week and stay open late. All the local employees we know work at least six days a week… so remember to be grateful if you don’t have to work those kinds of hours!

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3 thoughts on “An electric Sunday afternoon

  1. More kittens?????? OMG!!!! I will have to pack more cat toys for my trip 🙂


  2. Continue to look forward to your blogs. Thank you.

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  3. Sounds like a positive and fruitful 😁😁👍 day. How’s the colour if that dragonfruit. Oh my mmmmmm

    Liked by 1 person

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