Myanmar sunset from the sky

Living in the historic area of Bagan we have 3000+ temples and pagodas on our doorstep. We have perhaps become a little blasé about how incredible these can be especially when they are illuminated by the evening sun sinking behind the horizon of the hot plains.

On Monday I flew from Bagan to Yangon right at the end of a cloud scattered afternoon. It was an incredibly magical sight.

Even though it was cloud formations it actually looked so much like pagoda silhouettes and mirrored what I knew to be below… in some pics you can see glimpses of the mighty Irrawaddy river in flood… it becomes like an inland sea in some locations.

I couldn’t stop taking photos through the airplane window… and then playing at patchworking the images…

We were in Yangon as Gordon has to have some dental work (facilities are first class) and we are also on a 70 day visa run to Bangkok.

Volunteering is not always without hiccoughs though and I am now 5 days from first getting symptoms that ended up being chikungunya… a mosquito born virus that you can’t vaccinate against. It is not life threatening but quite debilitating for a few days with very sore joints and headaches. I’m now on the mend… just sore wrists and ankles rathe than every bone in my body… on Day 1 and 2 it felt like I’d been on a Spanish Inquisition ‘rack’ or I was a 90 year old who’s just done their first marathon. I could hardly get in an out of bed let along bend over or do up my bra!

Luckily were staying in a nice hotel so I’ve had lots of baths to soothe those aches and pains… and Gordon to help me get up and down from chairs and in and out of bed… gave me a whole new appreciation for the world of anyone who is disabled. I did draw the line at a wheelchair and the airport and shuffled through the various corridors at a slow pace… with the occasional groan!

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5 thoughts on “Myanmar sunset from the sky

  1. OH Sonia – this describes the symptoms in much ore detail…….I hope the aching joints and pains are getting less and less and you are fully recovered soon.

    The sunsets are beautiful and I can’t wait to see them



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  2. Oh you poor thing! That chikungunya sounds awful and keeps revisiting you and Gordon every few years. I hope you’re feeling better now?

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    1. Once you’ve had it it … you dont get it again…one good thing I guess


  3. Wow, bloody mosquitoes. The most dangerous animal on the planet.
    Nevertheless, a fairly brief ordeal considering the possibilities. I recall having a lightish dose of Ross River Fever and it isn’t fun. Bloody mosquitoes.
    Backatitlady. Love.

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  4. Sorry to hear you have caught a couple of the local bugs. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Melx


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