Peacocks and flags

We encountered a peacock strutting about at the Yangon Belmond Governor’s Residence On a recent visit to Yangon so it prompted me to write a little piece on this bird’s significance in this fascinating country.

In Myanmar the peacock is an unofficial national emblem. It was featured on the country’s flag in 1757 by King Alaungpaya.

He sat on the ‘peacock throne’ and was said to have infused new vigor into his people engaging in various expansionist conquests.

His Konbaung dynasty was the last dynasty to rule over Burma until the country’s fall to British colonial rule in 1885.

The current flag of Myanmar was adopted along with a new constitution in 2010. The yellow stripe refers to solidarity between people, green stands for natural wealth of the country, and the red stripe reminds courage of the local population during numerous fights. The white star symbolizes hope in the unity of all people living in the country.

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